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  1. Customer service and delivery is amazing. No issues packaged well pie arrives intact.

  2. The website was is easy to navigate .The customer service is wonderful . The delivery was fast and the pies were well packed .

  3. Legitimate bean pie. Not a pretender.

  4. The pies were delicious and I introduced the pies to my family on Thanksgiving day and they loved them .

  5. Oh, my goodness so delicious I finished the entire pie in one day. So good y’all better get you one

  6. This pie right here is the bomb. The best pie I tasted so far.

  7. Shaba’s bean pie is the best we’ve ever had! Crust is excellent, and the filling is so well spiced; not too much spice, not too sweet, with the smooth, delicious bean filling. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys an excellent pie.

  8. Both pies were well packaged and shipped quickly. Each pie was absolutely delicious, I gave the butternut squash pie as a gift and they loved it. The sweet potato pie was wonderful and we very much enjoyed it. Both pies had excellent crust and filling was not too sweet and very flavorful.

  9. Always a great experience with this company. Site is easy to navigate. Fast delivery and always great pies. We love’em

  10. The most delicious bean pie thus far . I’m glad we could continue to do business

  11. I definitely enjoy this butternut squash pie . It was real tasty & this was my first time enjoying it .

  12. Top notch, some of the best I’ve eaten.

  13. Excellent pies, shipping time and customer service.

  14. Bean pie is fantastic will be ordering more

  15. Absolutely amazing and delicious. That’s the best I can describe them as. 🙂

  16. This is my second time ordering these delicious pies and the pies always tasted so yummy and fresh. My favorite is the bean pie. I will definitely be ordering more pies.

  17. Fantastic, just like I remember growing up

  18. These pies are a hit every time I gift them to my family in California for the holidays!

  19. My husband loved his bean pie for his birthday. It was creamy and fresh..thanks!!

  20. Wow!!!!!;

  21. friend of mine purchased some also (Rita Lanier) …after I raved about my pies. Thank you sooooo much…now get back to baking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The sweet potato pies were absolutely delicious. I will be ordering more pies today.

  23. The bean pies were absolutely delicious. I will be ordering more pies today.

  24. Easy to order, fast delivery and fantastic pies. Just a all around great service, and the pies are delicious. Will definitely be ordering again.

  25. The pies and services are top notch always.

  26. I love Shaba’s bean pies! Delivery is fast and the pies taste amazing! Their bean pies will have you coming back for more!

  27. NO ONE in Jackson Mississippi has ever had let alone heard of bean pies, so I bought 3 to share with many… They were pleasantly surprised!!

  28. Delivery was punctual considering the season we’re in and emails are always kind.

  29. My favorite pie. Crust is delicious as well

  30. This bean pie is excellent. I love it. My wife loves. Even the finicky kid loves it.

  31. It was ALL I expected and more! Will definitely be ordering again

  32. Very Good

  33. Cool. Great taste. Fast shipping. Fresh.

  34. Excellent!

  35. Extremely pleased with the ease of online ordering and the promptness of delivery. My 73 year old brother’s birthday was April 19th and the pies arrival was a great surprise gift to him. He is vegan, but has great memories of eating bean pies and whiting fish back in the 70’s at a mosque that he attended in East Texas . He really enjoyed the pies. I have never had one but plan to try them soon! Excellent product and excellent customer service!

  36. It was as good as the bean pie.

  37. I brought it for my mother and she said it was delicious

  38. The website is easy to use with great descriptions.

  39. Delicious

  40. Very good

  41. Our order was fresh and delivered quickly.Not the first time we have ordered and definitely not the last.

  42. Very delicious! I shared it with my fiancé who never had a bean pie before, she couldn’t believe it was made out of beans lol! Her exact words, Ain’t no way boi.” Make sure you pair it with some vanilla ice cream too!

  43. Website was easy to navigate, order arrived in a timely manner!

  44. It was easy to place my order in the website. It’s not complicated at all.

  45. The bean pie is sooo good! I’m going to order more & I’m going to try the butternut squash pie next.

  46. The pie was delicious but I got the bean pie as the biggest pie as I remember how good they always were back when they were selling them on the street. Yet the sweet potato pie deserves an encore

  47. The pie was delicious I love the sweet potato the most , but not the bean pie so much…I think my taste buds have changed. Really delicious but not so sure about shipping process, as the workers no longer seems to really take care of other peoples delivery.
    I am aware that you have nothing to do with the delivery process but just wanted to let it be known. Thanks a bunch and keep making those delicious pies.

  48. Fantastical Pie… I don’t think they get any better

  49. Deliciously Prepared and Delivered straight to the door. I am always satisfied with the ease of purchase as well as the quality of ingredients used to prepare the pies.

  50. Deliciously Prepared and Delivered straight to the door. I am always satisfied with the ease of purchase as well as the quality of ingredients used to prepare the pies.

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