Bean Pie

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Authentic Bean Pies are our thing.  Prepared and baked like sister Lana Shabazz, these iconic ‘Nation of Islam’ pies are not only nutritious and delicious – they are a more healthy and cholesterol friendly treat too.  A soul food favorite.

A bean pie is smooth and custard-like, they taste similar to sweet potato pie (we bake those too) – try one and you’ll soon find out why they’re even better.

Our bean pies are all natural ingredients, made from Navy Beans, vanilla, brown sugar, eggs, milk, cinnamon and a little nutmeg.

The main ingredient in bean pie is Navy Beans – these small white beans can lower your cholesterol, and are high in protein and fibre.  But hey, the main reason to grab a few –  they are delicious!

Ready to eat – we traditionally serve them just as they are, but why not add a little fruit, berries and Ice Cream for that extra indulgence.  Especially when entertaining guests (or treating yourself 😉

Baked daily using fresh ingredients, and shipped out to you the same day, right across the US.  If USPS reach you, we’ll get Shaba’s pies to your door – no matter how many you order!