Butternut Squash Pie


Everyone knows our popular and traditional pumpkin pie, but pumpkin is actually just another squash. And some squashes are even smoother, tastier… they also make a dessert your guests didn’t see coming!

Sweet and earthy, dense without being grainy or fibrous, and grown abundantly in the U.S., the butternut squash makes the perfect pie filling. The delicate balance of milk, eggs, and mashed butternut contrast beautifully with our signature golden pie shell. Available in 6-inch or 9-inch diameters, our butternut squash pie are flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg like the traditional autumn desert pies that have graced your table.

Ready to serve, just add a little whipped cream or go all in with fresh fruit and chocolate shavings 😉

We use the freshest ingredients and ship your order the same day we bake it, guaranteeing your delivery is pure pie heaven. Don’t wait – order now and have fresh-baked butternut squash pies for your next gathering, or a regular treat for your family.  If USPS reach you, we’ll get Shaba’s pies to your door – no matter how many you order!