Sweet Potato Pie


Are you in the mood for a pie like your granny used to make? There’s something about the perfect pie that brings back memories. Most often served during the holidays, this flavorful pie is delicious any time of year. When you order your sweet potato pie from American Shaba’s Bean Pies, you get:

  • Choice of 6- or 9-inch pie
  • Nutritious and healthy ingredients
  • A homemade, freshly-baked pie
  • Fast shipping

We like to say that if the mailman can reach your door, so can we. That is because we bake daily and ship our pies out to you the same day. You can rest assured that your pies will arrive quickly and ready for your get-go. If you want to keep it for yourself, we won’t tell!

We believe that quality is something each of our customers deserves and promise to deliver it.  Place your sweet potato pie order today and we’ll deliver to your door no matter how many you need…