Here at Shaba’s Bean Pie Bakery you’ll find the pies of a nation

Sweet soul foods that are more than just a tasty desert.

We are a small long established bakery based in New Jersey, we saw that many people have struggled to buy Bean Pies, and similar, outside of New York. So we started shipping pies across America. We have many happy customers, as you will see from our extensive reviews – all genuine, verified by an independent review site. You won’t find another service like this! :).

Can I get Bean Pies in my city?

Whilst soul food pies like these are available in some communities, there are many neighbourhoods, even cities, where you won’t find a traditional Bean Pie, a Butternut Squash Pie or even a Sweet Potato Pie like this. Can’t find a Bean Pie near by? We want everyone to enjoy delicious and nutritious natural deserts like these, so we deliver right to your door – right across the US.

What’s so special about the Bean Pie?

The Bean Pie originated in the 1960’s, with the Nation of Islam. It’s main ingredient, the Navy Bean, was an important earthy and natural ingredient – known to prolong life, it’s good for the soul and more than just a pie it is a cultural icon.Rappers, activists, comedians and spiritual leaders have all talked about it.

If you want the learn more about the legacy of the Muslim Bean Pie, here’s a brilliant short film that tells you everything you need to know: