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Where did the bean pie originate from?

Pies like Sweet Potato pie, have been a staple of African America food for a long time.  In the 1960’s with the Nation of Islam increasing in popularity in African American neighbourhoods, the muslim bean pie was born.  Black Muslims wanted to free themselves from the ‘slave diet’.  Elijah Muhammad, encouraged their consumption as Navy Beans were a natural food, and said to extend your life.

What does bean pie taste like?

They have a custard like filling.  It is similar to a Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie, but a little less sweet and a whole lot tastier!

What is bean pie made of?

The key element is Navy Beans.  It has a sweet crust, and is filled with blended beans.  Other ingredients include eggs, milk, butter, sugar and a little nutmeg and cinnamon.

Who sells these pies?  Where can I buy a bean pie near me?

We do!  You might find them in local bakeries near you, particularly in African American neighbourhoods, or sometimes sold at mosques to raise funds.  But the easiest way to grab one is right here at Shaba’s!

Want to see other online options to buy sweet pies? No problem, our online brothers and sisters are: ILoveBeanPie.com, Abu’s Bakery, The Harlem Pie Man and Imani’s Original Bean Pie… but we guarantee you won’t find better value, or a better service online, than Shaba’s authentic pies.

Do you deliver pies mail order?

Yes, we specialize in sending sweet pies by mail, direct to your door. Simply pick a selection, let us know where to send them in checkout, and we’ll bake those pies and send them the next day!

Are your pies healthy?

Our sweet pies do include sugar and dairy, so we can’t claim they are super healthy.  But hey, these are sweet treats!  The navy beans (or other legumes) make up most of the filling, and these can lower your cholesterol, they are high in protein and fibre too.

Are bean pies vegan?

No, our pies include milk and eggs.  Yo may be able to find a recipe that is Vegan, as the milk and eggs can be substituted – we’re not sure they’ll be like Shaba’s though!

Is bean pie sweet?

Yes, it is sweet, but not as much as other similar pies like Pumpkin Pie.  It is a unique and ‘I want more’ kind of flavor that you’ll only find out by trying!

How long do your pies stay fresh?

We suggest you eat them within 2-3 days of delivery, when they are most fresh.  Be sure to store them in the fridge.

Are your pies fresh?

Yes, we bake all of our pies daily, then box them up and send them directly to you, all on the same day!

Can you freeze bean pie?

Yes, you’ll be able to freeze them for up to 6 months.  Please ensure they are thawed again before eating, and keep them in the fridge if you want them to last a few days.

What is the best way to store a sweet potato pie?

Again, it is best to keep them in the fridge.  And eat them within 2-3 days.

Can you freeze sweet potato pie?

Yes, you can freeze them for up to 6 months.

When will I received my order?

Most orders are baked the next morning, and shipped out.  It then takes a couple of days via USPS, so you’ll get your pies within 3-5 days.

Can I place an order on the weekend?

Yes, we will ensure your order is baked on Monday, boxed up and sent out to you – you should receive it mid-week!

Do you ship to my address?

If USPS delivers to you, then we can get pies to you!

What happens if there is a problem with my pie order?

Please replying to your order email, or use our contact us page.We will do everything we can to make it right.

Do you provide refunds?

We are proud of our excellent customer satisfaction, but we understand that sometimes things go wrong.
If there is a problem with your delivery, we provide a full refund or replacement.Please check our refund policy for more details.

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  1. friend of mine purchased some also (Rita Lanier) …after I raved about my pies. Thank you sooooo much…now get back to baking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow!!!!!;

  3. My husband loved his bean pie for his birthday. It was creamy and fresh..thanks!!

  4. These pies are a hit every time I gift them to my family in California for the holidays!

  5. Fantastic, just like I remember growing up

  6. This is my second time ordering these delicious pies and the pies always tasted so yummy and fresh. My favorite is the bean pie. I will definitely be ordering more pies.

  7. Absolutely amazing and delicious. That’s the best I can describe them as. 🙂

  8. Bean pie is fantastic will be ordering more

  9. Top notch, some of the best I’ve eaten.

  10. I definitely enjoy this butternut squash pie . It was real tasty & this was my first time enjoying it .

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